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Welcome to the home of HFT - Quarry Hunters is the only officially affiliated HFT club in South Wales and is where the UKAHFT has its roots.

Our club was established in 2002 and is set in and around an old limestone quarry located on the beautiful Welsh mountainside of Mynyddislwyn. We are known for our challenging HFT courses and infamous, unpredictable wind - as the well known saying goes “If you can shoot in the wind at Quarry you can shoot anywhere!”

We have two covered 55 yard zero ranges and a different 20 or 30 shot HFT course is set out nearly every Sunday. We welcome everyone to come and have a go at HFT and all of our experienced shooters are more than willing to help and offer advice.

You are assured of a warm and friendly welcome at Quarry so come and have a shoot and see if HFT is for you - be warned though, it is very addictive!

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